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Elevated Life Church is a vibrant, relevant, and non-denominational church located in Florida. We LOVE first! We BELIEVE in God's Word, and we want you to live like you BELONG and to BECOME who God created you to be! We are a multi-generational and multi-ethnic church. We have a casual atmosphere, energetic worship, and inspiring message. No matter where you've been or what you've done, you're always invited to ELEVATE your LIFE with us!


Pastors Gabriel and Leoneida Padilla are the Lead Pastors of Elevated Life Church based in Orlando, Florida since August 2008. Their personal philosophy and driving passion is to help the lost and found focus on experiences that are life-sustaining and not life-draining by elevating life through God's word.

Pastors Gabriel & Leoneida have a relevant and authentic way of communicating the gospel message you will enjoy hearing. They’ve been married since 2003 and live in Florida with four beautiful children, Josiah, Ciara, Riana, and Melody. They desire to reach their community and city with the love and power of Jesus Christ. 


You can connect with Pastor Gabriel on Instagram and Facebook @reallittlegiant. You can connect with Pastor Leoneida on Instagram and Facebook @leoneidapadilla


Our vision is to help the lost and found focus on experiences that are life sustaining and not life draining by elevating their life through God's word.

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LOVE - We love first.


L.I.V.E  - We live, intentionally through the word of God, vibrantly, in Excellence.


GENEROSITY - We plant seeds, that will grow.


FAMILY- Nobody gets left behind.


EXCELLENCE - We strive to achieve the highest standards in what we say, how we look, and what we do.


DISCIPLINE - We are committed to structure, training, and conduct that elevates our life.


FUN - We enjoy life.

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