Women’s Retreat is an event designed to bring women together from our community of churches for a time of a REST:

Refreshed from normal routines and responsibilities
Encouraged to look beyond ourselves, to build disciples in your current mission field
Stimulated to see God’s perspective in our lives
Transformed and redirected toward God


May 18-20th at Life Enrichment Center

4991 Picciola Rd, Fruitland Park, FL 34731

Every day of our lives we are caught up in stories; through books, TV shows, movies, and even chatting with friends over coffee. We seek stories out for the adventure and the romance. We love the compelling characters and the gripping plotlines of a book or a movie. Why are we so moved by story? Because it’s written in our hearts, in our very DNA. The Word of God reads like the best love story ever written. Full of heroes and heroines who show up just in time to save the day; kings and beasts, celebrations and feasts, the Bible is the story of God’s relentless love pursuit of His people.

We are calling each of you to step outside of your daily lives, stop what you’re doing, and take a look at the bigger picture, the great adventure that God is weaving together for His glory. Once we can grasp the story arc that God is writing, our own worries, desires, and fears begin to fade into the background. As we step back for the grander view, let’s ask how we fit into God’s epic tale. Where does the thread of your delicate life play its part in God’s great adventure?


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